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Iran Successfully Launches Paper Aeroplane

Prime Minister David Cameron

'No Nick, the stick's over there! No! There! Look at where I'm pointing, follow my finger. Yes, there! Now bring it back, come on boy!'. Image by The Prime Minister's Office via Flickr

The U.N. has called an emergency meeting after Iran successfully launched a paper aeroplane into the atmosphere. Flying more than one and a half metres, the plane was said to be for ‘defensive and scientific purposes’ by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The plane was said to be constructed from thick, A4-sized card, sturdy enough to handle a small gust of wind.

There are fears that it could one day be used for carrying nuclear artillery, although U.S. scaremongering is so far, rather uninformative. Barack Obama called for calm in these troublesome times, not wishing to ruffle Iran’s feathers by referencing terrorism, and instead chose to release a comment stating that they’ll ‘fry those foreign bastards should they make anything more advanced than a paper-clip’.

David Cameron has so far said, in the words of his trusty sidekick Nick Clegg, ‘precisely fuck all’, which, while not out of the ordinary in times of need, has raised fears that the prime minister is actually cowering in a bunker somewhere deep under Eton along with his other high-ranking Tory ministers. Naturally, Clegg and his fellow Lib Dem ministers have been left to bask in temperatures of a balmy 999,727 degrees Celsius should a nuclear bomb be dropped from the plane in question on our fair land. When asked about the difference in treatment, Nick Clegg responded ‘We’re definitely best of friends, me and Cameron. He loves me, he does. We’re progressive like that. Did you know I might be allowed a vote on electoral reform?’.

This isn’t the first time that Iran has startled the international community. Last year, the defence minister, Mohammed Najjar, famously kicked a stone across the road while walking down the street, stoking fears that Iran was about to unleash World War 3 across God’s green Earth. While it was never established whether it was an ordinary, everyday event or Iran hinting at being behind a global conspiracy to spread Terror©, the U.N. was quick to respond, writing Iran a strongly-worded letter asking it very politely to maybe let some inspectors in, at some point, but that there really was no rush.

Notes: This is an updated version of an article I wrote a while back.


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