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Why Don’t Christians Worship Pythagoras?


Are Christians rational for their belief in Jesus, as a historically real, walking, breathing, preaching God? Atheists tend to complain that the Bible is nothing but fairy stories. Christians see it as a divine blessing, the true account of the most important person the world will ever know, that enables believers to be free from sin and achieve eternal salvation if they accept the word of the Lord. My purpose in this essay is to look at the life of Jesus from the perspective of an agnostic, one who is open to the suggestion that there might be something more than just the cold laws of science at play in this universe; something spiritual, divine or otherworldly. I am interested in why the deeds supposedly carried out by Pythagoras (or figures like Mithras, Bacchus, Horus and so on) are considered mythological[1], yet the equally supernatural feats carried out by Jesus are considered factual. Do Christians have good reason for accepting one and not the other?

[1] Excepting Pythagoras’ contributions to mathematics and similar subjects.

Read the paper here

This paper was submitted for my theology module. I’m quite fond of it, but I expect it to raise a few eyebrows given that it is an academic essay, and not a typical blog rant. I welcome comments, feedback or responses.

Please keep in mind that I was pushing the word limit; if it had been higher I would have been able to expand on a few of my points in greater detail. So if you require any clarifications, please just ask.


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